The new solution to attach your effect pedals to your pedalboard

Attach your pedals to your pedalboard

Scratch/My/Back will allow you to stabilize your effect while preserving the back plate.
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No more patch-up work

Scratch/My/Back simply allows you to add a plate to the back of your effect pedals. It adapts to the main stompbox format. And you will avoid damage with adhesive Velcro or tape.



On the entire surface you will find the Velcro (the true brand yes!) So a better grip, it is more robust (the velcro is stuck with the laser light of Superman) and changes location on your board not bother you anymore.

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Easy to use

You unscrewed the back of origin. You screws Scratch/My /Back with the original screws and then you … Oh, no that’s it, that’s it!

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Like Munster cheese, Scratch/My/Back is made in France. Sounds a little chauvinistic but still, it’s cool to say.

Why use it?

This wet and dark look at the dawn of the reorganization of your pedalboard I know it
Because the project is support by W.M.P.E.P

(the World Movement for the Protection of Effect Pedals)

There are so many solutions to fix our effects pedals on our boards: scratch adhesive, fixed stand, DIY with rings on the screws ...

Velcro is certainly the easiest solution to set up on the pedalboard and the most flexible, it is also the most damaging to the pedals.

Scratch/My/Back offers a solution using velcro technology without all its constraints.

  • The added stand to your pedal will avoid surprises because it is attached to that only through the original screws.

  • Velcro is strongly glued to the plate, the pedals will not move anymore.

  • The velcro makes all the surface of the plate, so where the soft Velcro is the pedal will hang.

  • Have a look on

The composition

We use everything but the oink!

The plate

A aluminium plate pre-drilled and with the size of your effects. The holes includes a bevel for using origins screw of the pedals.

The fixing

Over the entire surface of the plate you will find a Velcro (the true brand) which ensures maximum grip on your pedalboard.

The link

The gluing solution guarantee an extreme holding of your pedals, so the recipe is kept secret and stored in a shaoline monastery in the French Pyrenees.