List of pedals already tested and validated with Scratch/My/Back plate by users

Pedal maker Pedal model129 Compatible Scratch/My/Back plate
analog man Analog Man Juicer Juicer BO
barber Barber Electronics Compact Tone Press compact tonepress B
boss Boss All Compact Boss pedals allboss BO
boss Boss CE-5 ce5 BO
boss Boss CH-1 ch1 BO
boss Boss CS-2 cs2 BO
boss Boss CS-3 cs3 BO
boss Boss DC-2 dc2 BO
boss Boss DD-3 dd3 BO
boss Boss DD-7 dd7 BO
boss Boss DM-2 dm2 BO
boss Boss DS-1 ds1 BO
boss Boss DS-1 4A ds1 4a BO
boss Boss FZ-2 fz2 BO
boss Boss GE-7 ge7 BO
boss Boss HM-3 hm3 BO
boss Boss MT-2 mt2 BO
boss Boss NF-1 nf1 BO
boss Boss OC-2 oc2 BO
boss Boss OD-1 od1 BO
boss Boss OD-3 od3 BO
boss Boss ODB-3 odb3 BO
boss Boss PH-1 ph1 BO
boss Boss RC-1 rc1 BO
boss Boss RV-6 rv6 BO
boss Boss SD-1 sd1 BO
boss Boss TU-2 tu2 BO
caroline Caroline Guitar Company Haymaker haymaker BB
catalinbread Catalinbread SabbraCadabbra SabbraCadabbra" B
codaeffects Coda Effects Dolmen Fuzz dolmenfuzz" BO
doc music station Doc Music Station Vintage Drive V1 vintage drive V1 BB
dr scientist Dr Scientist The Cleanness the cleanness B
dunlop Dunlop Cry Baby 535Q cry baby W
dunlop Dunlop Cry Baby GCB95 cry baby W
dunlop Dunlop Cry Baby Jerry Cantrell cry baby jerry cantrell W
dunlop Dunlop EVH-95 Van Halen EVH95 Van Halen W
dunlop Dunlop JH1D Hendrix JH1D Hendrix W
electro-harmonix Electro-Harmonix East River Drive east-river-drive B
electro-harmonix Electro-Harmonix Electro Pulsar electro pulsar BB
electro-harmonix Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail Plus holy grail plus BB
electro-harmonix Electro-Harmonix Nano bad stone phase shifter nano bad stone B
electro-harmonix Electro-Harmonix Octave Multiplexer octave multiplexer BB
eno Eno Distortion Classic distortion classic A
foxpedal Foxpedal Kingdom V1 kingdom v1 B
foxpedal Foxpedal Kingdom Gold Antique (Vintage) kingdom gold B
ibanez Ibanez AD9 ad9 TS
ibanez Ibanez AF9 af9 TS
ibanez Ibanez BB9 bb9 TS
ibanez Ibanez BC9 bc9 TS
ibanez Ibanez CP9 bc9 TS
ibanez Ibanez CS9 CS9 TS
ibanez Ibanez FL9 FL9 TS
ibanez Ibanez GE9 GE9 TS
ibanez Ibanez JD9 JD9 TS
ibanez Ibanez OD9 OD9 TS
ibanez Ibanez PQ9 PQ9 TS
ibanez Ibanez PT9 PT9 TS
ibanez Ibanez SD9 SD9 TS
ibanez Ibanez SD9M SD9M TS
ibanez Ibanez SM9 SM9 TS
ibanez Ibanez ST9 ST9 TS
ibanez Ibanez TS9 30th Anniversary ts 9 TS
ibanez Ibanez TS9 ts 9 TS
ibanez Ibanez TS9B ts 9b TS
ibanez Ibanez TS9DX ts9dx TS
jhs JHS Pedals Charlie Brown charlie brown BO
jhs JHS Pedals Morning glory morning glory BO
jhs JHS Pedals Small bomb small bomb A
jonny rock gear Jonny Rock Gear Dude Screamer dude screamer BO
jonny rock gear Jonny Rock Gear Jojo Cake jojo cake BO
jonny rock gear Jonny Rock Gear Pop Corner pop corner B
keeley Keeley Electronics Phase 24 Phase 24 B
lovepedal Lovepedal Pickle Vibe picklevibe A
lovepedal Lovepedal BoneTender bonetender A
mad professor Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor forest green B
mad professor Mad Professor Golden cello golden cello B
mad professor Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive Sweet Honey Overdrive B
mission engineering Mission Engineering EP1-KP Kemper ep1-kp W
mooer Mooer Acoustikar acoustikar A
mxr MXR Carbon Copy carbon copy B
mxr MXR Fullbore Metal fullbore metal B
mxr MXR M68 Uni-vibe univibe B
outlaw Outlaw supply Blue Bird Tremolo blue bird B
pignose Pignose Detonator detonator PI
pigtronix Pigtronix Quantum quantum B
providence Providence Anadime Chorus ADC-3 ADC3 B+
providence Providence Anadime Chorus ADC-4 ADC3 B+
providence Providence Final Booster final booster B+
red witch Red Witch Empress Chorus empress chorus BB
red witch Red Witch Medusa Chorus Tremolo medusa BB
red witch Red Witch Moon Phaser moon phaser BB
rjm saver RJM Music Tone saver tone saver B
solidgoldfx SolidGoldFX Stutter lite stutter lite B
tone freak Tone Freak Effects Naked OD naked od B
thrilltone Thrilltone Drive Recovery drive recovery BB
thrilltone Thrilltone Fire Booster fire booster BO
thrilltone Thrilltone Fuel to Fire fire booster BO
thrilltone Thrilltone The Great Escape the great escape BB
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Dumbloid Dumbloid BB
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Fuzzface Germanium fuzzface B+
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Interface (Edition Standard) interface BB
Unchainedfx Unchained FX King Drive king drive B
Unchainedfx Unchained FX MPF1 BB
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Mutron III BB
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Olive Booster olive booster B+
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Reverb reverb BB
Unchainedfx Unchained FX Small buffer small buffer A
vox Vox V485 v485 W
vox Vox V487 v487 W
wampler Wampler Ecstasy Ecstasy B+
wampler Wampler Velvet Fuzz Velvet-Fuzz BO
wren and cuff Wren and cuff Mercy phuk mercy phuk B
wren and cuff Wren and cuff MKII mkii BO
wren and cuff Wren and cuff Phat phuk phat phuk B
xotic Xotic Effects EP Booster epbooster A
xotic Xotic Effects RC Booster rcbooster B
zorg effects Zorg Effects Bluffer bluffer A
zorg effects Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar glorious basstar BB+
zorg effects Zorg Effects Glue Fuzz glue fuzz B
zorg effects Zorg Effects Jour de Fet jour de fet B
zorg effects Zorg Effects Love Philter love philter BB+
zorg effects Zorg Effects Metalfest metalfest BB+
zorg effects Zorg Effects Oppressor oppressor B
zorg effects Zorg Effects Zorgverdrive Mosfet zorgverdrive mosfet B
zorg effects Zorg Effects Zorgverdrive Deluxe zorgverdrive deluxe BB+
zorg effects Zorg Effects Zorglonde zorglonde B
zvex ZVEX Box Of Rock box of rock B
zvex ZVEX Fuzz Factory fuzz factory B
zvex ZVEX Super Hard On super hard on B
Info! This is not because your pedal is not listed in the table below that a model is not compatible. If you don’t find your effect go to this PAGE and find a compatible model with the help of the dimensions provide in all the manual and templates to print and cut.